Web Safety Guru. Computer Tuition for Seniors.

Computer lessons for seniors. One to one computer tuition to help you stay safe online.

I'm Terry Prett and I will show you how you can protect yourself from online threats. In the comfort of your own home, you'll have access to a friendly and experienced I.T. professional who will run through the key online safety topics with you in plain English. We’ll go at your pace and focus on the issues that matter most to you.

How you will benefit from Web Safety Guru training

  • Make it harder for criminals to hack your accounts and steal your data.
  • Learn how to spot a scam email.
  • Learn how to remove viruses from your computer.
  • Take back control of your online privacy.
  • Take back control of your Social Media.
  • Use your computer safely and with confidence.

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Computer Training at Home for Seniors

Three courses are currently available. The general Web Safety Guru course covers all six areas listed above. Additionally there are more detailed courses for Email Safety and Safety on Social Media.
Learn more about the content of the Web Safety Guru courses .

Online computer training via Zoom

Web Safety Guru courses are open to customers throughout the UK via Zoom. If you need assistance setting up a Zoom call, please visit our FAQ Page where brief instructions are available.

One to one computer lessons in South Croydon and Purley.

Home visits are available to customers in South Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead and Selsdon. Home visits allow for a more interactive experience as we can look at specific issues on your own device.

Computer help and tuition for seniors and small businesses

Computer tuition for seniors

The Web Safety Guru course content is relevant for all ages, however it is especially relevant for seniors who grew up in a world before computers were everywhere. The last couple of years have seen people of all ages forced to use computers, mobile phones and tablets to conduct everyday activities such as shopping, banking and even socialising. I wrote the Web Safety Guru course material with seniors in mind. I understand the frustrations of being forced to use the automated checkout at the supermarket or having to buy a train ticket from a vending machine, especially when you feel pressured or in a hurry.

Computer tuition for your parents

If you are worried about the online safety of your parents or grandparents, please get in touch. Some email scams cost their victims literally thousands of pounds. It can be all too easy for cybercriminals to get hold of your password if you don't know what you are doing. You can visit a site that looks like your bank, but isn't. Viruses can infect your device and track your keystrokes. You can give away far too much private information if you are not being careful on social media.

Web Safety Guru computer training may be for you, I hope it is, but please consider whether you have relatives who would benefit from my senior-friendly computer tuition too.

Computer help and training for small businesses in Croydon and Purley

Web Safety Guru offers packages for small businesses. This consists of both training and security checkups. To learn more visit the Small Businesses page.

More information about computer training for seniors and small businesses

If you would like to know more about the computer courses on offer, many of the most common questions are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Feel free to call 07846 763197 for a chat.

Some common questions you may have about computer training for seniors

For more questions, please visit the page.

Do you want to learn more about my web safety training? Get in touch.

To arrange a home visit* or a Zoom session, go to the Booking Page and enter your details
or call me on 07846 763197. If you have any queries about the course

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If you would like a FREE Web Safety Guru guide to avoiding 3 of the top password mistakes, simply visit the Contact page and put FREE GUIDE in the subject line when entering your message.

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* Covid 19: Home visits are available subject to UK Government regulations which may change at short notice.